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Cynara Continues to Cultivate a Sustainable Artichoke Harvest

Cynara seeks to advance the harvest of fresh artichokes in Peru and Spain, by continuing to create an effective and non-GMO production chain and ultimately improve the quality of life of their growers and strategic partners. The company has over a 14 year history of working closely with farmers to promote sustainable agriculture, growing practices, and bringing freshly picked and jarred artichokes from field to table. With an optimal climate and nutrient dense soil, Peru and Spain have proven to be the two best cultivators of premium artichokes for the world. Cynara artichokes are processed within 24-48 hours of harvest, in close proximity to the fields in which they are grown.  Cynara’s global sourcing capability ensures a consistency in both and quantity and quality throughout the supply chain.

Non-GMO began as a consumer-driven movement in the natural food space and has expanded to conventional brands and households everywhere. Today, even more shoppers are concerned about the detrimental effects of GMOs on health and the environment and are looking for trusted non-GMO foods. Cynara is staying true to the roots of the movement. Cynara’s fully non-GMO product portfolio includes sizes ranging from Florets to Baby and Petite, while most popular are the company’s signature Grilled and Marinated  Artichoke Hearts.

Come taste the full story at Booth 5531 at Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim, CA March 9 – 11 2018.