365 days of thinking about artichokes

A ​new method of research​, enjoy it as much as we do! Our specialization and restlessness to create the best artichokes​ leave us always wanting more. We want to  surprise you with innovative products ​that bring us closer to new targets, the planet, and the achievement of zero waste. Products that reaffirm us as the best artichokes.



Cynara’s innovative capacity is at the service of improving the quality of our products in a continuous and sustainable way.

Quality is a value that we have very much integrated into everything we do. It’s ingrained in us and in our products.

Our quality is in finding the best artichokes all over the world; in the production process, certified with the international standard IFS (International Food Standard); in the energy that we use to find and create products with maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. And, above all, in the desire to brighten up  your life a little with our artichokes.


Owned and

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory where we create new and innovative products and constantly improve those we already have.

We are artichoke specialists and our highly qualified technical team has a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory, being a reference in the food industry and being aware of the importance of food safety.

We strictly abide by current regulations. Quality controls are carried out in our facilities to guarantee the best quality of what we produce.


Answers for
your needs

Listening to our clients allows us to develop products that meet their needs and  desires.

We generate ideas that add value to your proposals and respond to all phases of the  production process: formulation, analysis, packaging, legislation, production… and all  of this is thanks to the integral innovation model.

Our aim is to ensure the competitiveness of existing products to the trends of the  international market, by providing added value to those who do not have it and  giving them a commercial outlet.


360º business
model innovation

We integrate everyone from our business environment in our processes in order to  offer the world an artichoke with all its potential. 

At Cynara we propose attractive, creative and different solutions around the artichoke, and we do so by betting on a 360º model of innovation, which allows us to  control and optimize all the phases of the process, from origin to table.

This 360º model allows us to boost innovation and lateral thinking.