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We want to ensure the ​competitiveness​ of existing products to the trends of the  international market​, by providing ​added value​ to those who do not have it and  giving them a commercial outlet.


Private label
of the best

We are committed to providing you a ​quality product, good service​ and our  experience​ as ​artichoke specialists​.

We have 365 days a year of fresh product that inspires us to think about artichokes. If  we think about artichokes every day, we’re sure to think of a product that you’ll like  and have fun with. If you have fun, it will surely make you a little happier.

We like to​ build unique and stable relationships​ with our customers based on  trust, transparency and sincerity.

We offer you a wide range of artichokes.

If it's artichoke related, we can do it!


For food

At Cynara, we take you into account. Yes, you; the ​professionals in the sector. And that is why we are ​dedicated to providing the food industry with the best artichokes​, with the aim of delivering taste and quality in a​ format that best suits  your needs.


There’s strength
in numbers

Cynara wants to help maintain the quality​ of your products to which you have  created them, or even improve them with our artichokes.

For that reason, if you want to see how your products can improve by adding the best artichokes,​ contact us through the form below to ​create the perfect synergy.