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Propiedades de las alcachofas en conserva

Canned Artichoke Properties

We #artichokelovers know that the artichoke can be consumed throughout the year. And although the artichoke is a seasonal vegetable, we can keep it preserved

Cynara scolymus: the artichoke plant

At #BlogCynara, we keep talking about our favorite plant because we know that an #artichokelover always wants to learn more about our favorite vegetable. We

Alcachofas silvestres

Wild artichokes; medicinal plants?

Who loves you and who cares for you like Cynara? Grandmothers and mothers are wise and more when there are studies that support them. In

Why eat artichokes?

At this point, most of us know that diet influences our health. We know that we must eat healthy and eat vegetables, fruit, vegetables, vegetables,

Back to school!

First week of school has arrived, and the children being back in school is a relief for a lot of parents, but they also now

Health, summer and good habits

Good habits are that, good. And they are even better if we keep them all year long. Summer is a time when healthy routines become

Let’s feel good this summer

Surely by now you have read a lot of articles and posts about taking care of yourself during summer, being fit, eating healthy on vacation

How do we make our Artichoke Chyps?

At Cynara, when we think of new products, we think of innovative products that will surprise you and appeal to all audiences. Artichoke products that

Are black artichokes good?

Today, from the best Artichokes we want to clarify a question that seems to be recurrent: Yes! Artichokes with a blackened inside have gone bad!But

It’s time to… eat outside!

To go for a walk, to head to the beach, to play sports and have breakfast while watching the sea. It’s time to leave the

Healthy, low-calorie snacks

Do you need a change in eating habits? Do you want to start taking better care of yourself now that the good weather is beginning?

Grow your own garden at home

In recent years, it has become fashionable, especially in large cities, to adapt a small space at home to grow your own vegetable garden, vegetables

Home Remedies with Artichokes

The multiple healing qualities of artichokes make them a highly recommended food in our diet. It helps improve bile secretion, helping to cleanse the liver,

Wine pairings with artichokes

There is a “legend” or myth that artichokes do not mix well with wine. Experts assure that the tannins of red wine do not match

CYNARA artichokes for children

Cynara Artichokes are ideal for children to eat healthy without knowing they’re eating vegetables. Artichokes have many properties that help our bodies feel better and

Homemade tricks

At Cynara we are concerned that our products have optimum quality. The artichoke is a product that cannot be missed in a good diet. Here

3 best relaxation activities

One of the great evils of modern society is stress. We live in a world that goes too fast, that demands a lot from everyone,

Tips to Remove Stains

There are many types of stains that we can end up getting on our hands and clothing, some very difficult to remove if we do

Historical anecdotes with artichokes

The artichokes have played a leading role in our cuisine for centuries. The Roman people attributed aphrodisiac effects to it and the Greeks believed that

The great artichoke family

Artichokes are winter vegetables and their harvest season is from autumn until the first frost. In the Mediterranean, spring is also included as the final

6 Curiosities of artichokes

To better understand the artichoke or artichoke plant , we have 6 surprising curiosities: •Each plant can live for about four to five years. •

Refreshing meals for the summer

In the summer, you want to eat light and fresh, since with hot meals your body temperature rises and we endure the heat worse.Additionally, during

Where does the artichoke come from?

The artichoke is the fruit of the artichoke  flower and its scientific name is Cynara scolymus, hence the name of ARTICHOKES CYNARA. According to Greek

Star food: Artichoke

The artichoke flower protects the liver, heart and kidneys thanks to its purifying power. At the table it captivates with an exquisite taste between sweet