Home Remedies with Artichokes

The multiple healing qualities of artichokes make them a highly recommended food in our diet. It helps improve bile secretion, helping to cleanse the liver, and has positive healing effects if we have intestinal and stomach problems. Let’s see some home remedies for these problems in which we can use the artichoke. Like all home remedies, they are only a part of what can help us improve our health, but they will never replace a doctor’s recommendation. 

Remedy with artichoke for the liver

Whole artichokes are steamed. The soft part of the leaves and the heart are chopped. With the chopped artichokes, add olive oil and vinegar. The mixture can be used in sandwiches or mixed with salad.

Artichoke remedy for anemia

Cook the artichoke for a few minutes and separate the liquid that is released. To this liquid we will add oats until forming a cream that is to our liking in terms of consistency. This cream can be consumed both cold and hot.

Artichoke as a remedy for fluid retention

Boil a bunch of artichokes (clean) in a liter of water for ten minutes. Separate and strain. The resulting infusion can be taken hot or cold a few times a day.

Artichoke remedy for fatty liver

Boil 20 grams of artichoke leaves and roots in a liter of water for ten minutes in water. Strain the resulting infusion and sweeten with honey. Take two cups a day, before food.

There are many beneficial properties that artichokes have for our health, whether cooked, infused or raw. Any of these remedies, despite being natural, should not replace the recommendation of a specialist doctor.

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