Persona sosteniendo alcachofa y observando cuántas alcachofas da una planta

How many artichokes does a plant give: Know the quantity and the factors that influence production

The artichoke is a plant full of details when it comes to growing it, and at Cynara, we encourage you to add this incredible vegetable to your diet. In this article, we will review how many artichokes a plant gives. Stop wondering, and keep reading!

Planta de alcachofa

The artichoke plant

The artichoke plant has long, silvery leaves that give rise to attractive flowers. Therefore, its charming flower often makes a beautiful sight in any plantation or garden. To learn more about this plant, we invite you to check out the following article, wild artichokes.

The artichoke is a member of the thistle family. However, an artichoke is a type of edible thistle, showing us that not all thistles have drawbacks.

As we have commented in other entries, most of the artichoke plant is edible. The artichoke plant is also packed with amazing nutrients and health benefits. This plant was consumed mainly by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Factors that determine the number of artichokes produced by a plant


Plant nutrient and water absorption

As with other plants, the artichoke needs nutrients and water to develop. If there is a deficiency of both essential nutrients and water, the plant will not only produce fewer artichokes, but they will also be smaller.

In extreme cases, it can also lead to the death of the artichoke plant.

Diseases and pests

As in the previous point, if the plant is exposed to pests and diseases for a long time, there is a possibility that it will lose strength, so production will be affected, and the plant will produce fewer artichokes than expected.

Another aspect to highlight is that if there is an excess of weeds around the plant, production will also be affected, so cleaning the area is essential.

Size of the artichoke

Like other fruit plants, they usually maximize their production before reaching full size. This is because when the plant is very large, it consumes much more resources and deposits less of these resources in the fruits it produces.

Conclusion: How many artichokes are harvested per plant

The number of artichokes produced by each plant can range from 6 to 20. The proper harvest season in Spain begins during autumn and ends in the spring (November-April).

« A healthy artichoke plant produces betwee 6 and 20 artichokes »

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