Mujer científica analizando la cinarina con un microscopio.

Cynarin, the natural antioxidant in artichokes

The properties of the artichoke are enormous. We are talking about a food that provides fiber, vitamins, few calories and helps us stay healthy. But, of course, from now on, with what we are going to tell you, you will be careful when cleaning them since one of the most incredible benefits of the artichoke is found in the leaves, where cynarin is found. This substance has antioxidant properties and helps us purify the liver.

How does cynarin work?

The doctor and professor at Pharmacy Nuria Lorite-Ayán explains in a work that she carried out on the virtues of the artichoke that cynarin confers actions that increase the formation of bile. It also improves its release, protects the liver and regenerates liver cells.

One of the principles and properties of the artichoke and cynarin is that they can stimulate digestive secretions to encourage hunger and have good digestion without gas or the tedious feeling of being bloated.

It has also been discovered that cynarin has the ability to act as an antiviral, it is a good antibacterial and antihistamine alidade, so its consumption is highly recommended, especially during the winter months.

Cinarina en alcachofas
Cinarina presente en alcachofas naturales
Cynarin: Active principle present in artichokes

How to consume cynarin?

As we said, the greatest presence of cynarin is in the leaves, and to get the most out of its artichoke properties, it would be recommended to consume it raw. Although no one is capable of eating them this way, since the leaves are extremely hard, there are other more suitable formulas, such as extracts or smoothies.

There are studies, such as the one carried out by the biochemist Youssef Ahmiane on the effects of the active and functional compounds of the artichoke, which remind us that the use of the extracts of this compound has been used since the beginning of the 20th century. Even in the decade of the 50s, its usefulness in reducing cholesterol was discovered.

Another alternative is making smoothies. Artichoke leaves can be pressed to produce a juice, so you can take better advantage of the benefits. We can even combine it with other vegetables, gaining more vitamins and properties for a healthier, refreshing result.

« The properties of cynarin are antioxidants, and it helps purify the liver »

The artichoke, the ideal medicinal plant

The benefits of traditional medicinal plants are more than proven. Many studies attest to this. An artichoke is considered a medicinal plant, and as the associate professor of the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona Esteva Espinosa points out about the pharmaceutical use of artichoke leaves, “as a nutrient, it is ideal to avoid a diet that is poor in vegetables and fiber and excessively rich in fat.”

As a medicinal plant, one of the great characteristics of the artichoke is that it has a protective action on the liver, which is essential for our health. Helping to create a less dense and more fluid bile will improve digestion, especially when we are eating fatty foods.

Eat quality artichokes to increase the intake of cynarin

Of course, when it comes to eating artichokes, you can choose between buying them fresh, cleaning, and cooking them, or resorting to canned artichokes, like the ones we have at Cynara.

Our quality preserves will make you obtain that active principle that is so good for our body, such as cynarin. They will also allow you to save time in the kitchen since they are practically ready to be eaten. You just have to open them, prepare them as you wish, and combine them with whatever you want. You can even use them to transform a stew and give it that special touch that artichokes have.

In addition, buying canned artichokes is very convenient since it allows you can stock up for the year since they last a long time without losing their properties or benefits.

Another positive aspect is that you will not be affected by the constant fluctuation of prices, as we have suffered in the last months, in which vegetables are constantly rising. Thanks to the canned format, it also helps you save!

1000 ml MEDIANOS 14-18
Medium size artichoke hearts | Traditional Recipe
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