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Healthy shopping basket with Cynara Artichokes

Summer is usually a time of change in our diet partly because vacations and going out tempt us to lose the good habits that we worked so hard to acquire throughout the year.

The changes in our daily routine and the different schedules of activity that we have at this time of year can make us a sea of ​​doubts and cause a feeling of lack of control over our diet. In addition, to all of the above, we must add that, during the summer period, we tend to increase the consumption of ice cream, soft drinks, beer and other foods that are not part of a healthy diet.

At Cynara, we want to give you a series of “tips” that will allow you to enjoy the summer while maintaining a healthy diet. Keep reading, and don’t miss it.

Eat mindfully

Sometimes there is nothing simpler… and more difficult… than listening to our bodies. So it is very important to know how much we can eat and when to stop when we feel full.

Hunger should be the main indicator when consuming food throughout the year, especially in summer, since our body needs fewer calories and there is no need to overfeed.

« The artichoke is a satiating food and provides few calories »

A great option is the consumption of artichokes, recognized for their satiating power and for being a low-calorie food. At Cynara, we are artichokes specialists, so we invite you to discover all our products, your new allies in your summer diet.

Fill your kitchen with healthy food

We must ensure that there are always healthy foods with a high content of essential substances such as vitamins and proteins in our shopping cart. For example:


At Cynara, it is clear any of our products derived from the best artichokes will be a great choice to complement your pantry with a very nutritious vegetable.

Healthy shopping basket with Artichokes Cynara

Eating out does not mean eating badly

“Well, nothing happens if it’s just one day…” “In summer, you don’t have to count calories…” How many times have we heard these phrases? Surely on many occasions when we have met friends for dinner at a restaurant.

There is a concept that could be more widespread and that should be applied more: Eating out does not mean that we have to eat poorly.

If we want to go out to eat and not feel bad about overeating, remember to listen to our body, respect the hunger level, and make sure that the food you order is balanced and rich in protein and vitamins.

Due to its versatility, an artichoke is always a widely used vegetable in many restaurants. So if you want to know a large number of dishes, you can make with our favorite vegetable, visit our recipes section and delve into the wonderful world of gastronomy with the artichoke.

Taste what you eat and avoid the rush

When we eat slowly, two things happen:

  1. We taste food better
  2. We are satisfied earlier

Avoiding eating fast will make us enjoy our food better and make the feeling of fullness come more naturally before we become bloated.

Rest and do activities that make you feel better

Rest is a fundamental part of the summer period as it helps us regulate our bodies and reduce the stress levels the daily routine pushes us to. Also, if we accompany it with activities that help us feel better, we will achieve a 100% winning combination.

These actions, apparently unrelated to food, will help us eat better daily.

All these tips must be accompanied by plenty of water, fruits and vegetables to bring our diet to a 10. If what we have explained has interested you, do not miss our entry on refreshing meals in summer.

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