How many artichokes does a plant give: Know the quantity and the factors that influence production

Persona sosteniendo alcachofa y observando cuántas alcachofas da una planta

The artichoke is a plant full of details when it comes to growing it, and at Cynara, we encourage you to add this incredible vegetable to your diet. In this article, we will review how many artichokes a plant gives. Stop wondering, and keep reading! The artichoke plant The artichoke plant has long, silvery leaves […]

Cynarin, the natural antioxidant in artichokes

Mujer científica analizando la cinarina con un microscopio.

The properties of the artichoke are enormous. We are talking about a food that provides fiber, vitamins, few calories and helps us stay healthy. But, of course, from now on, with what we are going to tell you, you will be careful when cleaning them since one of the most incredible benefits of the artichoke […]

Low-sodium diet: The 3 essential benefits you should know and how to do it

Dieta baja en sal

Experts in the field of nutrition and health warn that abusing salt can cause fluid retention problems and lead to some circulatory disorders in such a way that a lower salt intake contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure. Benefits of a low-sodium diet It is not easy to get used to reducing salt in food, […]

Healthy shopping basket with Cynara Artichokes

Alimentación saludable en verano

Summer is usually a time of change in our diet partly because vacations and going out tempt us to lose the good habits that we worked so hard to acquire throughout the year. The changes in our daily routine and the different schedules of activity that we have at this time of year can make […]

Vegetable snacks: Find out why they are a trend and what benefits they offer

Mujer sosteniendo snacks de verduras saludables

Snacks are “guests” who are usually present at any gathering with family and friends. For many years we have seen how chips, industrial pastries, or sweets have been the main event in many social situations. However, the new trends committed to a nutritious and healthy diet have put vegetable snacks in the spotlight due to […]

Canned Artichoke Properties

Propiedades de las alcachofas en conserva

We #artichokelovers know that the artichoke can be consumed throughout the year. And although the artichoke is a seasonal vegetable, we can keep it preserved and thus be able to eat it at another time. Today, in our blog, we want to analyze this way of consuming artichokes you can find in the market: canned […]

Artichoke varieties: Learn about the most important ones on the market

Variedades de la alcachofa

Have you ever thought about how many types of artichokes we can find on the market? At #BlogCynara we know that an #artichokelover always wants to learn more and more. For this reason, we will tell you which are the best-known and cultivated varieties according to the time of year. Let’s start! Early varieties of […]

What are artichokes? All the details of our favorite vegetable

Qué son las alcachofas

At #BlogCynara we present our big star, our reason for being. And we know that you, #artichokelover, are looking forward to meeting her. But before telling you all its characteristics, you must know its origin. Let us begin! Origin of the artichoke The artichoke comes from Northeast Africa, and it appeared that the Greeks and […]

Artichoke cultivation: All the keys to understanding their cultivation

Cultivo de alcachofas

It’s true that #Cynara artichokes are unmatched, but you know what they say about what we grow tastes better. It must be due to our effort and dedication to obtain the best results. For this reason, today we will tell you how artichokes are grown, in case you want to try the experience. Factors that […]