Propiedades de las alcachofas en conserva

Canned Artichoke Properties

We #artichokelovers know that the artichoke can be consumed throughout the year. And although the artichoke is a seasonal vegetable, we can keep it preserved and thus be able to eat it at another time.

Today, in our blog, we want to analyze this way of consuming artichokes you can find in the market: canned artichokes.

Canned artichokes

Preserves represent the highest percentage of artichoke sales since it is close to 70%. The part preserved most often is the heart, which can appear whole or split (in halves, quarters and laminates), usually packaged in glass, although it can also be in a can.

The fruits that are used for preserves are carefully chosen. For this reason, only healthy fruits are selected, without blows, with a fresh appearance and a homogeneous color.

Do canned artichokes have the same properties as fresh artichokes?

The answer is yes, as long as the industrial processing is done correctly and the right artichokes are carefully chosen.

This is why at Cynara, we have the best artichokes (with the best raw material) so that our preserves have the best quality. We also have an excellent team of professionals that have made our brand nationally and internationally recognized over the years.

"Fresh and canned artichokes have the same beneficial properties"

Propiedades de las alcachofas


But the most outstanding property of artichokes is the presence of a compound called cynarin (or 1,3-O-dicafeylquinic acid).

This component is one of the most important of our favorite vegetable since it has two very relevant functions:

  • Choleretic. Activates the production of bile.
  • Cholagogue. It facilitates the expulsion of bile in a more or less smooth way.

We hope we have helped you solve your doubts. We can affirm that canned artichokes are as healthy as fresh artichokes. In addition, they have the advantage that they can be stored for use at any other time.

At Cynara, we have the most complete range of canned artichokes on the market. Take a look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Organic canned artichokes

Canned artichoke specialties

Traditional artichoke preserves

Take advantage!

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