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Frequently Asked Questions

Properties of canned artichoke hearts

Despite being able to be tasted throughout the year, the artichoke is a vegetable that has its own ripening and harvesting season. Thanks to industrialization, the artichoke, through  its conservation method, has been able to be part of our diet in all kinds of recipes at all times of the year. Specifically, the part that is usually kept is the heart of the artichoke, both whole and cut into halves. At Cynara we use a highly demanding selection process where fresh, healthy artichokes are selected that lack bumps and that present uniform color tones. This makes canned or fresh artichokes considered one of the vegetables with the greatest number of benefits for our health. Recent studies have confirmed that processed artichoke provides the same nutrients and benefits for our body as raw or natural, so the antioxidant benefits it provides are not reduced. These studies have gone further, indicating that these nutritional and antioxidant properties of the artichoke in conservation are maintained for up to 18 months. Which speaks extraordinarily well of the quality of the product from when it is harvested until it goes through all the processes that give rise to the final product, the canned artichokes. In summary, the artichoke, whether in a fresh or natural state, in conservation or even frozen, is a vegetable that must be taken into account for its indisputable benefits for the health of our body. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and even chlorogenic acid are some of the nutrients that are present in the hearts of canned artichokes, elements that help prevent cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, kidney diseases, etc. At Cynara, we are aware of the great benefits that artichokes provide, which is why we are committed to creating high-quality products with this healthy vegetable. If you want to know how to cook artichokes, visit our Recipes section and you will see how much variety of dishes and combinations you can make.

Main health benefits of canned artichoke hearts

Previously, we have talked about the antioxidant properties of canned artichoke or its other variants, but there are many benefits that make it an especially advantageous food for diets focused on weight loss, since it has very few calories, it is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. The best canned artichokes, Cynara’s, will be of great help to lose weight if they are included in a balanced diet, since they are low in calories, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. They also have carbohydrates and a multitude of vitamins such as:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Important minerals for our body such as:

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus

Fat reduction

As it has practically no fat, one of the properties most valued by nutritionists is that it helps eliminate cholesterol and fight obesity.

Ability to satiate

By having a large amount of water and being rich in fiber, canned artichokes, or products made from fresh artichokes, help increase the feeling of fullness, which is very important to avoid eating more than we need.

Helps stop diabetes

Thanks to providing good amounts of inulin, an element that is metabolized as fructose and not as glucose, buying canned artichokes will help us improve blood circulation and avoid diseases such as diabetes.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Due to its high antioxidant content, canned or canned artichokes are especially suitable for preventing heart disease, since their consumption lowers blood pressure.

Protection against some types of cancer

According to recent studies, it has been shown that the artichoke has properties that help fight some types of cancer such as colon cancer through the inulin that is extracted from this food.

Decreases fluid retention

Another of the great advantages of buying canned artichokes are their diuretic properties, which help eliminate excess fluids from our body, which helps reduce blood pressure and, as we have commented previously, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

How to choose the perfect canned artichoke hearts

Artichokes and the products related to them are an important part of the diet of many people. At Cynara, we have decided that you no longer have problems when choosing your favorite canned artichokes. For this reason, we have the best canned artichokes, snacks and artichoke delights so that you can enjoy the best appetizers and recipes throughout the year with your family. We have put all our effort and creativity into creating canned artichokes, artichoke snacks and artichoke delicacies with the best raw materials so that we can all have a diet rich in nutrients and healthy. Within all Cynara Artichokes products, we can find the following ranges:

Organic canned artichokes

Our organic canned artichoke hearts are a great opportunity to improve our meals and, in turn, have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, thanks to its consumption, we promote the growth of organic farming and respect for the environment.

Canned artichoke specialties

If what you like are different flavors, with our specialties you can enjoy canned seasoned artichokes of different textures and flavors. Grilled, marinated, romaine … The benefits and properties of canned artichokes will become part of your diet and that of your loved ones while you enjoy the pleasant aromas and tasting of… the best artichokes!

Canned traditional artichoke

Artichoke hearts are part of many recipes with canned artichoke. Cooking canned artichokes or adding them to our favorite salads is a good way to include artichokes in our daily menu. Traditional recipe canned artichoke hearts are our largest family. Using fresh artichokes and collecting them with extreme care, we have managed to create a quality product for the most demanding palates.

Artichoke delights

At Cynara we have wanted to innovate and create innovative products that excite the most daring. For this reason, we present our artichokes in an innovative and comfortable packaging that will make it easier for you wherever you are to add our Cynara artichokes to your dishes, salads, tapas, dinners, appetizers, etc.

Artichoke snacks

If you are one of those who likes to snack at home, with friends or as a family, and you also love artichokes, we have created something very special for you. The first artichoke to go, our Artichoke Chyps. A rich and healthy artichoke snack created from selected fresh artichokes without colorings or preservatives.