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Vegetable snacks: Find out why they are a trend and what benefits they offer

Snacks are “guests” who are usually present at any gathering with family and friends. For many years we have seen how chips, industrial pastries, or sweets have been the main event in many social situations.

However, the new trends committed to a nutritious and healthy diet have put vegetable snacks in the spotlight due to their consumption benefits if we compare them with traditional snacks.

At Cynara, we have set out to reveal all the secrets of these delicious vegetable snacks. In this article, we review all the benefits. So keep reading and don’t miss it!

Vegetable snacks: what are they, and what types are there?

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very important for our health due to the significant source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Vegetable snacks are food intended to cover the need to feed us in the hours between the “bigger meals” of the day. These “healthy snacks” usually use vegetables of all kinds, and, in addition, most are considered vegan snacks that can be consumed by people who want cruelty-free products.

Veggie Chips – Great Value Healthy Snacks

When we talk about traditional snacks, potato chips always come to mind. However, their high caloric content and the amount of salt they contain have led many people to seek healthier alternatives.

Next, we review the most common vegetable chips:

At Cynara, we are specialists in artichokes, which is why we have developed our Artichoke Chyps. An innovative product of great nutritional value and the first artichoke on the go on the market.

Cynara artychoke chyps

Artichoke vegetable snacks

At Cynara, we believe in innovation and development, which is why, as artichoke specialists, we realized that we needed an artichoke that could accompany us everywhere. This is how our Artichoke Chyps were born!

An extremely healthy, crunchy and delicious low-calorie snack, made with great care from the best fresh artichokes and the best team of professionals. Helping to maintain all its exquisite natural flavor.

If you want to discover a new experience and add a healthy and nutritious option to your diet, take advantage of the opportunity to try our delicious Artichoke Chyps. Whether you are a lover of our favorite vegetable or not, they will surely surprise you!

Benefits of artichoke vegetable snacks

We have previously discussed some aspects that make vegetable snacks an ideal alternative to combine with a balanced diet. Next, we review some of the advantages of consuming our artichoke snacks:

  • Low-calorie intake
  • High amount of nutrients
  • Less salt intake than other snacks
  • Allies in treatments against obesity
  • Satiating power
  • Easy to take and transport
  • Low in carbs and fat

« A crunchy, healthy and very tasty vegetable snack »

If you want to know more about Cynara or our products, browse our website. Also, if you want to “taste” the best artichoke recipes, you will find the perfect place in our Recipes section. If you want to know a multitude of curiosities about our favorite vegetable, in our Blog, you will be able to learn a lot about the artichoke. Don’t miss out!

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