How many artichokes does a plant give: Know the quantity and the factors that influence production

Persona sosteniendo alcachofa y observando cuántas alcachofas da una planta

The artichoke is a plant full of details when it comes to growing it, and at Cynara, we encourage you to add this incredible vegetable to your diet. In this article, we will review how many artichokes a plant gives. Stop wondering, and keep reading! The artichoke plant The artichoke plant has long, silvery leaves […]

Cynarin, the natural antioxidant in artichokes

Mujer científica analizando la cinarina con un microscopio.

The properties of the artichoke are enormous. We are talking about a food that provides fiber, vitamins, few calories and helps us stay healthy. But, of course, from now on, with what we are going to tell you, you will be careful when cleaning them since one of the most incredible benefits of the artichoke […]