Are black artichokes good?

Today, from the best Artichokes we want to clarify a question that seems to be recurrent: Yes! Artichokes with a blackened inside have gone bad!
But wait! Just because they have gone bad does not mean that they are inedible, just means that they are no longer at their maximum quality and, in addition, they will look very ugly and both things are a pity. 
In order to not find any surprises when you clean your artichokes, we propose a series of considerations that you can take into account:

  1. At purchase, choose green artichokes, with tight and heavy leaves. Don’t pay attention to the poor light artichokes with separated leaves and loose  stems. A little trick: if you fold the leaves of a fresh artichoke they will break and squeak and the surface will be left a clean color, without stains.

  2. At home, eat them soon. It is not worth buying the best artichokes and letting them go bad.
    Remember that in the fridge they will not keep their freshness more than 4 days and, if you are not going to eat them right away, you can freeze them. Clean them, hide them and put them in the freezer for the first few hours (after 48 hours they can become toxic).

  3. Above all, the most important thing, remember that you can buy the best artichokes in a jar without having to worry about everything we have told you, because the Cynara Artichoke Hearts are produced from fresh artichokes and are always ready.


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