How do we make our Artichoke Chyps?

At Cynara, when we think of new products, we think of innovative products that will surprise you and appeal to all audiences. Artichoke products that go beyond what’s traditional and that bring this vegetable to younger people with a dynamic and healthy lifestyle.  

With Cynara’s Artichoke Chyps we wanted to offer you a different artichoke, on-the-go, to eat when and wherever you want. 
And we got to it. An intense process of research and development led us to create our Artichoke Chyps, a delicious, crispy and very healthy snack, without preservatives or dyes, high in fiber and suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets.

They are made from fresh artichokes, carefully picked and selected by hand, high oleic sunflower oil and salt in a 4-step production process:

  1. We collect the best artichokes
  2. We cut the artichokes into chyps
  3. We fry the chyps
  4. We pack them for you to enjoy 


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