The great artichoke family

Artichokes are winter vegetables and their harvest season is from autumn until the first frost. In the Mediterranean, spring is also included as the final harvest period. Its cultivation occurs in various areas worldwide and despite what it may seem, it needs a very humid temperate climate with good drainage to avoid the appearance of fungi. 
The difference in climates, subsoil and other aspects determine the existence of different varieties of artichokes, which allows classifications according to size, shape, growing season or color – they can be white or violet .
These are the main varieties of artichokes, classified depending on the countries of origin:

Blanca de Tudela. One of the varieties that we grow in Cynara. It is elongated, small and compact, green in color. It is the best known and cultivated for its excellent flavor and high ability to produce new shoots by arranging shoots. It is cultivated in other countries such as Argentina or Chile. 

Peru and China
Lorca. Cynara cultivates this variety in both countries. It is a plant with an elongated spherical shape and grouped, slightly colored bracts. Its flavor is excellent and can be transplanted annually at different times.

Violet of Provence. It is one of the smallest varieties of artichokes, it has a conical shape and a violet tone in bracts, or outer leaves. In the markets it is called bouquet and it can be eaten raw even if it is not fully ripe. It is additionally cultivated in Spain as an export.
Camus of Brittany. These come to be the varieties of artichokes of larger weighing up to 500 grams per piece. Light green in color and rounded broad, short and tight leaves, sometimes with violet tips. 

Thorny. Considered in that country the best artichoke to eat ra, being meaty and crisp. It’s called Thorny because it has bracts with thorns .
Romanesco. Thick, rounded and violet. Its production takes place especially in spring.

Green Globe. Artichokes with intense green leaves, abundant and large. They are tender and meaty. It allows it to harvest leaf by leaf or the whole bush.

There are many varieties for the same vegetable, with a thousand, very healthy properties and a possibility to accompany any occasion. 

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