Health, summer and good habits

Good habits are that, good. And they are even better if we keep them all year long. Summer is a time when healthy routines become essential. Here are some tips from Cynara:

• Try to rest: Outdoor dinners, major festivals or exploring the town causes less sleep. Do it, fully enjoy this season, but try to recover hours of sleep with a nap during the day.

• Look for moments of relaxation: Among all the typical summer activities, look for moments of relaxation and meditation. Reading that book that you never have time for, listening to the sea or becoming aware of yourself are very pleasant activities for the body and mind.

• Try to follow a healthy diet: How easy it is to “eat anything” during summer and on vacation. No big deal, it is fine if you are not making weekly meal plans. Which we do strongly recommend! However, you can turn those “anythings” to recipes that suit both adults and children. Make sure they are light and that there is always something green on the plate. (Remember that artichokes are always a good idea….).

• Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate: Drink plenty of water. A lot is a lot. And water is water. Between sipping on sangria, we have to hydrate ourselves with water. The body needs more hydration during the summer to better cope with high temperatures. Vegetables also help hydrate the body, one more reason to include them in your diet. 

• Enjoy the best artichokes: artichokes are diuretic and have high fiber content, so they are very healthy. Discover Cynara’s varieties, try them alone or as part of a recipe, taste them, prepare snacks with them, invite the family to dinner and enjoy them.

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