It’s time to… eat outside!

To go for a walk, to head to the beach, to play sports and have breakfast while watching the sea.

It’s time to leave the house picnicking in flower valleys or in the garden.

It’s time for naps in hammocks, tablecloths and glasses of wine and chatting around a table,

It’s time to smile, to enjoy, with the family, of endless afternoons and starry nights.

It is time to read, with a vermouth and from terraces, from smelling, to flowers, to spring and to the sea.

To collect conch shells, to laugh like a child and caress the evening breeze.

It is time to dream.

It is time for ice cream, strawberries and peaches.

Time for tulips and short sleeves.

It’s time to take care of yourself, to eat green, red or white, barbecue and dressings, time for flavor.

It’s time to eat, eat outside, and enjoy.

It’s for Cynara and it’s artichoke time. 

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