Surprise your friends: tapas with CYNARA artichokes

Do you have an upcoming dinner with friends and want to surprise them with something healthy and easy to cook? Try some tapas with artichokes. It is a healthy food, easy to combine and cook.

CYNARA artichokes with quail eggs

A simple cover to prepare. You will need CYNARA canned artichokes, quail eggs, Serrano ham and olive oil.
Wash the artichokes to lose acidity and drain them well. To make them completely dry, use kitchen paper. A hole is made in the center of the artichoke for the egg and the well-chopped ham, add a few drops of oil and put in the oven (with the grill function ) for a while until the egg sets.
If you want to give a special flavor to the lid, try using olive oil with the aroma of rosemary oil, you will surely surprise more than one guest with this bite.

CYNARA artichokes in tempura

Very easy to prepare and can get us out of trouble if we do not have much time to cook. You will need Cynara canned artichokes (you can also use fresh artichokes), cold water (a glass and a half, more or less 300 ml.) And 220 grams of tempura flour.
Artichokes are cleaned and cut into thin strips. With the flour and water prepare the tempura in which you will coat the pieces of artichoke. Fry in plenty of hot oil and set aside on a plate with kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil.

CYNARA artichoke skewer and bacon

CYNARA artichokes, a few slices of bacon and slices of bread are all you need to have a simple and quick tapa prepared. Sauté the bacon in a frying pan and, once golden, wrap the artichoke with the bacon and reserve with the frying pan turned off. If you want the bread to be tastier, leave it in the same pan for a while so that it absorbs the fat that the bacon has given off.

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