Good winter habits to cope with the cold

Winter god, why have you come to stay?
Look, it’s okay for you to come for a little, to take out the coats and to light the fireplace at Christmas, but in January you make us lazy, you fill us with snot and leave us useless on the sofa sticking our heads out of the blanket like marmots in pajamas addicted to Netflix…

Although, since you are here, with your low temperatures, your wind and your snow, it is best to look at yourself with good eyes and try to enjoy yourself. We will recover healthy habits that protect us from getting sick and to help us cope with your invasion. We are going to enjoy the fireplace, hot chocolate, skiing, winter stews and artichokes… mmmmmmmm… artichokes…

Our favorite fruit that fills grocery shelves with greens during winter. The main ingredient when it comes to advice from nutritionists and the perfect food to help us cleanse our bodies from toxins and add cheer to our pantry and hearts.    

Protect yourself from the cold and temperature changes, drink plenty of liquids such as broths, water, infusions, etc; take citrus and follow a diet full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Those filled with the vitamins and minerals that we need and that fill the grocery stores with color, such as artichokes. Mmmmmmm…. Artichokes…. How lucky that we can enjoy the best artichokes all year long…

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