The importance of maintaining good physical and mental health

As the well-known Latin quote “Mens sana in corpore sana” says, to enjoy good health we must not only take care of our physical condition but also our mental health. 

The options that we have to improve our physical health are those that we tend to take into account in our day to day, or those that we are all familiar with: follow a healthy and balanced diet and engage in physical exercise. 

To eat healthy we can start by conveniently distributing between three and five meals during the day (three is the usual number in our culture but some nutritionists recommend expanding them to five or even six), avoiding binge eating and taking care of what we eat. But be careful, increasing the number of times we eat during the day does not ensure that we do it in a healthy way… following a good healthy diet is our responsibility.

Physical exercise is just as important as good nutrition, and an easy way to improve our physical condition is by making small changes in our daily routine, such as walking up the metro stairs, walking to nearby places or taking a weekly walk… If we have enough energy, we can always join a gym, go for a run or look for a sport activity that sounds appealing to keep our body active.   

Sports are good for the body, but above all, they can help us eliminate accumulated stress. Although stress is necessary, it is only bad when it is excessive. If we do not get rid of that surplus, one day we may inadvertently suffer from anxiety. Anxiety at the same time can cause us, among other things, to eat. This can become the beginning of a vicious cycle, since one of the most common consequences of stress is obesity and being overweight.

Everything matters when it comes to health, a fit body progressively helps to keep a healthy mind and vice versa. Let’s use our diet and nutrition to help our bodies and minds stay healthy. 

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