Wine pairings with artichokes

There is a “legend” or myth that artichokes do not mix well with wine. Experts assure that the tannins of red wine do not match the cynarin of artichokes, which is the element that gives them many of its beneficial properties (especially for digestion).

The most appropriate wines, and the most recommended, are white wines, especially those of the Chamomile and Jerez family (Sherry), which are drier and have more body. The difference in denomination comes simply from the place of aging of the wine – the chamomile is what you call wines from Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Cádiz -, combining very well with the artichokes for their somewhat salty flavor, which we also find in artichokes. The main basis of pairing is to find similar flavors in food and wine.

Another wine that we can use to accompany a good plate of artichokes is rosé wine, fresh and light, which compensates for the strong flavor of artichokes, but does not stand out much on the tongue, because the result may be that we do not even enjoy the dish nor the wine.

With pairings it is also said that there are no fixed rules, it all depends on us, what we like or what we do not, just try some Cynara artichokes with a red wine and you might like them, who knows!

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