Caring for our skin while eating

A healthy and balanced diet is one of the keys to taking care of the health of our skin. In summer it is more exposed to the sun and there are foods that will help us improve its health and appearance.

The artichoke, an ally for our skin
Due to its draining effect, the artichoke can help us to purify our skin of the excess fat that it suffers from tanning creams, in addition to complementing other cellulite treatments.

Fresh fruits and vegetables to help care for the skin
Due to the high content of water they contain, fresh fruits and vegetables help us to care for our skin by hydrating it from within, providing vitamins, including vitamin C, which helps to heal and protect our skin when we expose it to too much sun.

Omega 3, a “very fashionable” element
Omega 3 is another natural nutrient present in food and helps us not only in skin care but also in the care of our arterial health.

What not to intake 
We do not talk about diets in this article, we talk about taking care of our skin thanks to what we eat so we must also take into account eating habits to avoid, those that do us no good. An example is alcohol, which causes dehydration of the skin causing its accelerated aging. 

During the summer season we must pay special attention to our skin since it is more exposed to the sun, heat, etc. That is why a little help taking care of the food we eat would help us prevent its “punishment” during the summer.

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