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The Artichoke Diet: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of This Miraculous Diet

Many celebrities have already joined the challenge of the artichoke diet and have obtained “miraculous results.”

For this reason, we wanted to investigate this controversial topic and analyze the myths and realities of this diet and why more and more people join it. If you have come this far, you are one step away from discovering it, keep reading, and don’t miss it!

Why choose artichokes for your diet?

Artichokes help purify the body and can be a crucial piece for a person trying to lose weight quickly and effectively.

What does the artichoke diet consist of?

The diet is five artichokes daily and abundant water for three consecutive days. In the following days, you can start to include some foods other than the diet, since artichokes are the cornerstone of this diet and exert a diuretic and hypocholesterolemic action and, in addition, favors the digestion of fats. This diet must include drinking a lot of water, which is what will support the diuretic effect.

Weight loss occurs, above all, because the energy supply is lower than that recommended in a weight loss diet, and that lack of energy is what produces the rapid effect of weight loss.

Do we recommend this diet?

Our answer: NO

A more complete, balanced, low calorie and artichoke-rich diet should be built, as only then will these help us reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The artichoke diet can present different health problems depending on the duration of the diet or the state of health of the person. In addition, one of the biggest problems caused by this diet is that weight loss is normally linked to loss of muscle mass because the contribution of calories and protein is insufficient if we consume only artichokes.

What is recommended in these cases is to create a good diet that includes artichokes as a key food and includes foods like meat, fish, a variety of vegetables, and fruits.

Should you include artichoke pills in the diet?

Artichoke pills or supplements are a concentration of beneficial ingredients from artichokes. The construction of these pills is due to the health benefits they bring.

They are natural pills that include extra help to purify the body and collaborate to eliminate liquids and fats from our body. These capsules also help the proper functioning of the liver, kidneys and bile. They can be found in herb clinics or any pharmacy. When consuming these pills, it is advisable to combine them with other foods that provide us with other essential nutrients since muscle fat loss can negatively affect our bodies.

At Cynara, we wanted to be clear that, in the case of making an artichoke-based diet, it is advisable always to take capsules following your doctor’s recommendations.

For us, people’s health is the most important thing. That is why we wanted to bring to light this famous diet with its pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision without harming your health.

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