Homemade tricks

At Cynara we are concerned that our products have optimum quality. The artichoke is a product that cannot be missed in a good diet. Here are some homemade tricks so you can get the most out of your day to day. 

Cooking artichokes

Utensils that we should not use when cooking this vegetable:
• Aluminum or iron pots, since they make the artichoke take a dark color.
• Carbon steel knives to cut them will make the artichoke acquire a dark and stained color (oxidation process).

Clay or stainless steel utensils will be the best option in the kitchen.

Spoiled artichokes
When we find that our fresh artichokes are spoiled, one of the best options is to make a boiled artichoke salad, its flavor will not disappear.

Artichoke with metallic flavor
And speaking of flavors, some people capture the metallic flavor absorbed on certain occasions by canned artichokes, you can eliminate it by dipping the artichokes in boiling water just before cooking. That is why Cynara has a wide range of artichokes in a glass container.

Binge trick
Experts recommend eating healthy and without excesses, although on special occasions (such as Christmas dinner, company lunch) it cannot be avoided and that is why an infallible trick against “binge eating” will be to include grilled artichokes on the menu. This way of cooking the vegetable will help us to have better digestion.

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