Artichokes for babies: Are they good for them? How are they prepared?

If you are already a daddy or mommy, or even if you are expecting a little one, you will want to take care of their diet and incorporate beneficial products that provide the necessary nutrients for their growth.

We’ve talked about the incredible benefits that artichokes offer, so it’s only natural that many mothers and fathers would want to include this food in their baby’s meals.

Don’t worry; we will review all of the fundamental concepts so that you know when and how to include artichokes in your baby’s diet. Keep reading so you don’t miss them!

Are artichokes good for a baby?

The first question we usually ask ourselves is whether artichokes, in their different forms, both natural and canned, are beneficial for a baby’s delicate body.

If we apply common sense, we will conclude that food with so many benefits for children and adults should also benefit a baby. However, several factors must be considered, which we will discuss below, to ensure that your baby’s sensitive digestive system can correctly digest artichokes.

Among the obvious benefits that artichokes have for the development of a baby, we
can highlight the following:

  • They contain a multitude of vitamins (A, B, C, E, . ..)
  • They have many minerals (Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc…)
  • They help improve intestinal transit
  • They improve the circulatory system
  • They can help prevent liver disease
  • They help fight cardiovascular disease

When can babies start eating artichokes?

Despite the many benefits discussed above, pediatric nutrition experts recommend introducing artichokes at eight months only if the baby can eat some solid foods. Of course, only give them the heart of the artichoke since it is the softest and tastiest part.

The reason to wait 8 to 12 months to include artichoke in a newborn’s diet is that, like
other vegetables, they have nitrates that a baby’s sensitive stomach may not tolerate

How should you prepare artichokes for your baby?

For babies six months to 12 months old, the best way is to make an artichoke puree! You can boil and crush artichoke hearts with other vegetables and add a little extra virgin olive oil to make it an easy and nutritious food.

To avoid peeling and cleaning fresh artichokes, at Cynara, we have the perfect solution since our preserved artichoke hearts are made with the same love and care that a parent shows when preparing their kids’ food.

At Cynara, we want to offer the best artichokes for the whole family. Visit our website to learn more about us, and don’t forget to try our Ready-to-Eat Artichokes.

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