It’s Spring! In your pot of artichokes

When George Bernard said that There is no sincerer love than the love of food, surely he was thinking about artichokes.
Yes, yes, sure. About the artichokes and his love story with them. Because he had to say goodbye to them, like a desperate lover, each end to autumn and each end to spring, knowing that he would not taste them again until a few months later.

During his absence, he almost went crazy looking for its flavor in infinite preserves that distantly resembled his beloved. Over and over and over… and nothing. Some similarities, a few drops of its original perfume, but nothing more.

Ohhh, dear George, if you had lived a little later how much pain we would have saved you! Because, with the soul of matchmakers, we are fighting to ensure that the most sincere love stories are never interrupted.

Fighting to be able to put in every lovers’ mouths the highest quality canned artichokes, smooth, velvety and with all their flavor. Artichokes that can accompany us throughout the year without causing painful absences or white spaces on the plate of those who want to enjoy them every day of the year. Artichokes that keep all their properties intact, the same as when we eat them fresh. Some fun and varied artichokes that surprise us and bring joy to our table.

Some Cynara artichokes.
It’s so easy, artichoke lovers, so easy. It’s spring but the show won’t stop. Get them how and when you want them. On our online stores, in the supermarket or on your table; natural, Roman, marinated or grilled. Ready to bring endless enjoyment to your palate. Because there is no sincerer love than the love of food.

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