Artichokes and pregnancy: benefits of eating artichokes during pregnancy

Importance of good nutrition during pregnancy

During the gestation period, the woman experiences some changes in her body that can make her day to day more difficult. Problems can include tiredness, fluid retention, swelling, anemia, being overweight, etc. They can appear out of nowhere during the pregnancy period, so it is crucial to have a balanced diet to alleviate some of these problems and guarantee the correct development of the baby that is on the way.

Simply by taking care of your diet, you can remain at a healthy weight, avoid complications during childbirth, the formation of stretch marks, or any of the issues previously mentioned.

Can artichokes be eaten during pregnancy?

As you know, artichokes have endless health benefits. Suppose you want to know why you should include artichokes in your diet. In that case, you can read our entry about the benefits of artichokes to find out firsthand why artichoke is a fashionable vegetable for many nutritionists around the world.

If we focus on pregnancy, we can say that eating artichokes is recommended during the gestation period. The fact that they are a low-fat, fiber-rich food or has diuretic properties makes it highly recommended to combat complications generated during pregnancy while providing nutrients that favor the development of the fetus.

Can eating artichokes during pregnancy cause side effects?

Artichokes are considered a food that provides many benefits during pregnancy, so there are no apparent side effects or contraindications if consumed moderately.

However, like any food, it must be included in a balanced diet to guarantee the essential nutrients that your body needs for you and the baby.

Artichoke benefits for pregnant women

There are many benefits to eating artichokes during pregnancy. Among all the benefits, we can highlight the following:

  • Folic acid

Its high folic acid content means that it is especially indicated for pregnant women during the first months of pregnancy since folic acid helps reduce the risk of defects in the fetus’s neural tube. Furthermore, a lack of folic acid can lead to premature births or even abortion. Do not hesitate to consume it if you are pregnant!

  • Rich in fiber

Like other fruits and vegetables, artichokes are rich in fiber. Thanks to inulin, it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  • Good amount of cinnarizine

We have already commented that during pregnancy, the woman’s body can experience changes of different forms. One of them is fluid retention and swelling.

Thanks to the cinnarizine present in the artichoke, and the diuretic effect it brings to the body, you will be able to combat these annoying ailments while enjoying your favorite vegetable.

  • Lower blood pressure

Artichokes are considered a natural remedy that helps fight hypertension. Thanks to their good source of potassium and the diuretic properties that we have discussed, the artichoke is an excellent ally to lower the pressure of any pregnant woman’s arteries and, therefore, help the correct development of the fetus.

How to cook artichokes while you are pregnant

There are countless ways to prepare artichokes. To guarantee the correct intake of healthy fats, we propose the following recipes that will make any pregnant woman and her unborn baby lick their fingers:

  • Greek Salad with Cynara Artichokes
  • Kale’s Cream and Cynara Artichokes
  • Cynara Artichoke Hearts Stuffed with Quail Egg

If you want to try more recipes with this wonderful vegetable, visit our Recipes section.

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