Grow your own garden at home

In recent years, it has become fashionable, especially in large cities, to adapt a small space at home to grow your own vegetable garden, vegetables or, if you have little space, aromatic herbs for cooking. If you want to have your little green space at home, take note of these simple recommendations and the reward will be worth it.

Plan the space you have for the garden at home

We have all seen images of wonderful home gardens that we wish we could have, but for those who do not have space, we must take into account the pots or planters that fit on our balcony or window and you will know what you can grow. Playing with the available space is necessary to place lower floors in front of the higher ones to take advantage of the sun; for example, if you plant tomatoes keep in mind that you can plant lettuces in front, which are lower.

Take into account the sun

Luckily in Spain we generally have many hours of sunshine at the end of the year, so if we choose the space for our garden well, we will have no problems. The best orientation for our plants is to have about eight hours (minimum) of sun per day in the south-southwest. If it’s direct sunlight, about four will suffice for the plants to grow strong.

Choosing the right form of irrigation

Ideally you should choose an automatic irrigation system, but we do not always have the budget or the possibilities to install it. So, to avoid more problems than necessary, try to place your garden near a tap and you can use a lifelong watering can or a hose. As for the amount of water that the plantation needs, it will always depend on whether it is winter or summer. Of course, remember that you should not water in the warmer hours of the day and that it is always better to maintain the humidity by watering less but more frequently. 

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