3 best relaxation activities

One of the great evils of modern society is stress. We live in a world that goes too fast, that demands a lot from everyone, and sometimes our bodies catch our attention and we need moments of relaxation for our overall health to improve. What can we do to relax? 

  1. Eating better helps us to be more relaxed

A good diet is the basis of our body’s well-being and, in addition, the well-being of our mind. If we improve the way we eat and include healthy foods, our body will thank us. Cut down on caffeinated or carbonated beverages. Caffeine (or theine) are stimulants that must be tempered in any diet. If we seek to relax, we must moderate its intake to not feel agitated and also avoid sugar highs.

Summer is the perfect time to eat salads and lighter meals. Have you ever thought about using artichokes in a salad? Do the test with a jar of Cynara artichokes, some asparagus and a little tuna, salt and pepper to taste and put a good olive oil. By making a healthy meal you will also have a light digestion. 

  1. Exercising to relax

Any type of exercise, always in its proper measure, is perfect for releasing endorphins. How many times have we said: when I finish exercising, I feel more relaxed? If we are not used to staying active, it is good to start with something soft, for example walking half an hour a day. You can also look for activities that help you learn relaxation and stress management techniques like yoga or pilates. 

  1. Meditate, a relaxation exercise that doesn’t need much preparation

You don’t have to travel to Tibet or to a cloistered convent to spend a few minutes a day in meditation. Taking time to relax each day will help us improve our stress level and our health. Find a place with little light and no external noise and disconnect. Close your eyes, do breathing exercises and you will see how you gradually relax. It is not easy, but little by little you will see the benefits.

Many times starting these types of activities on our own can be a bit difficult. It is highly recommended to find someone who is ready to do Pilates or to guide us and teach us how to meditate. In the end, if we are constant, we will learn and we will be able to help our body to relax.

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