Back to school!

First week of school has arrived, and the children being back in school is a relief for a lot of parents, but they also now need to worry about all their schedules, healthy dinners, making sure they go to sleep on time and preparing all things again for the next day.

Although there are different opinions about going back to school, August is a turning point, especially because with going back to school there are new goals like the occasional cleaning and reorganizing at home.

It is the end of a cycle that puts an end to the freedom and lack of time that we have during summer which makes way for more order, sanity, jackets and calendars hanging on the fridge. 

Eating dinner at 8pm, reading for a little and then sleeping at 9pm is the perfect plan for parents. But to fulfill it, you need to deal with the little adventurers who are never tired and stay organized through: schedules, weekly meal planning, grocery lists made with a lot of thought and coming up with healthy recipe ideas for adults and children. How? What happens if you start planning for the week and you run out of ideas?  

Do not worry! 

At Cynara we have a lot of recipes that will surely help you. Many ideas to help you plan, follow a healthy diet and reach 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. They are recipes with the best artichokes as the main star and very varied to please all palates, for day to day and for special occasions. 

We encourage you to try the best recipes. Also, we would love for you to take them and share a photo with the hashtag #CynaraArtichokes. We can’t wait to see your dishes! 

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