Recommendations on the consumption of artichokes

At Cynara we care that our products are of high quality and that you can enjoy a tasty and healthy artichoke at any time of the year. As you know, the artichoke is a seasonal vegetable, so it is not possible to find this fresh vegetable at any time of the year. The period of consumption of fresh artichokes is approximately from November to March.

Here we indicate what will be the main aspects to take into account to be able to choose fresh artichokes in optimal conditions and to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. 

One trick is to look at its appearance. If the artichoke has black spots at first glance, something typical in the winter, do not rush to select it, check the condition of the interior of the artichokes:    

• If it shows the same dark color, discard it.
• If it looks healthy with tight leaves that moves a little when pressed, buy it.

Also, choose the artichokes with more weight in proportion to its size and thick buds color light green . Make sure, holding it close to your ear and pressing in the tail area , which should creak a little. If, on the other hand, it sinks easily, the artichoke is gone.

Remove the outer leaves of the artichokes until you see more tender and yellow ones. Cut and peel the tail and reserve it. Remove the hard part from that area. Then cut between a third and a half of the fruit, depending on its color of green.

Once cut into wedges, the artichoke begins to rust, blackening rapidly. Here are some tips to avoid it:

• Pour them into a bowl of water and lemon juice with the peel and everything
• Or instead add a tablespoon of vinegar ,
• And even rub or spray them directly with half of one or vinegar

One of the healthiest ways to eat artichokes is to make it raw , adding chunks of your fresh heart to salads, for example. Another way is to steam them or cook them in little water (to keep their properties to the maximum), only until covered. You can use the broth later in soups. If you decide to grill them do not cut the tips of the leaves or they will dry out. In any case, they should not be overcooked so as not to change their texture, flavor and properties.

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