The best ready-to-eat artichokes are at Cynara

As you can see, there are infinite ways to prepare them … The limit is your imagination!

Artichoke consumption is also on the rise because artichokes have many health benefits:

  • They help prevent certain types of cancer
  • They’re ideal for weight loss diets
  • They combat fluid retention
  • They can help prevent liver diseases
  • They lower cholesterol

We can go on, but apart from being a very nutritious and low-calorie food, artichokes will encourage you to take care of your body in the best way possible.

When is artichoke season?

Like other vegetables, artichokes have their harvest season. The season can be from October to March. Our artichokes are primarily raised in the nutrient-dense soils of Spain and Peru, where the perfect summer days and mild winters create an ideal growing environment for them to thrive. We plant seasonally and have two different growing origins to provide fresh artichokes year-round.

Our ready-to-eat artichokes are not only accessible but convenient and hassle-free. Avoid having to peel, cut, and clean them!

Their packaging and processing maintain 100% of their exquisite flavor and nutritional properties, making them the best premium artichokes.

Why do we have the best ready-to-eat artichokes at Cynara?

At Cynara, you can count on choosing the best-preserved artichokes in the market. Thanks to our determination and creativity, traditional farming methods, and having the best team of professionals, we are recognized nationally and internationally.

Within all of Cynara’s Artichokes products, you can find the following ranges:

The best organic artichokes

Our organic canned artichoke hearts are an excellent opportunity to improve our meals and, in turn, have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, thanks to its consumption, we promote the growth of organic farming and respect for the environment.

The best artichoke specialties

If you like different flavors, you can enjoy artichokes seasoned with different textures and flavors with our specialties. Grilled, marinated, Roman… enjoy the pleasant aromas!

The best canned traditional artichokes

Artichoke hearts are part of a large number of recipes. Cooking with artichokes or adding them to your favorite salads is an excellent way to include artichokes in our diet.

At Cynara, we want to be the solution that will make your dishes more irresistible than ever. Learn more about us and our work by exploring our website. And if what you want is to read more about food in general and your love for artichokes, we invite you to read our other blog posts.

Until next time!

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