Welcome autumn, have you brought my artichokes?

Although it seems incredible to us, and even more with the heat, summer is over. Yes, yes, it came to an end but… let’s not be too sad, with the current temperatures we can still go to the beach until November at least.

With or without a beach, summer is a season that is difficult for us to leave behind, although once we are in place, our grief lasts as long as the tan we had vacation. As soon as we smell some baked apples with cinnamon, we are already recognizing that a new season is beginning.

A season that smells good because it smells like baked sponge cake and mmmmmmmm, it just makes you want to go under the covers to sleep. That crunching sound when the dry leaves rustle and the rain starts falling. 

It smells like flavored teas and there are warm colors everywhere. Pumpkin, spoon dishes and wet dirt.  
It makes you want to stay home on Saturdays to devour series, chapter by chapter and it fools you by getting dark earlier, giving you time to learn a new language, go to the gym or read everything else pending.  

A season that invites you to start new things and to increase your motivation. 
And with all this… summer? What is summer? Welcome Autumn!

Bring us all those things and, above all, bring us artichokes!
We are ready for a new harvest of our favorite fruit.
In autumn, they are reborn again in our fields in Murcia, Peru and Chile, which are covered in the best fresh artichokes. We observe them, take care of them and, when they are ready, we collect them, one by one, to produce the best artichoke products.

Autumn is a time for the best artichokes and it is time for Cynara.

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