Why eat artichokes?

At this point, most of us know that diet influences our health. We know that we must eat healthy and eat vegetables, fruit, vegetables, vegetables, etc. No one has to force us, but we are increasingly aware that good eating habits help our well-being, inside and out.

And to do it, we just need to implement weekly planning of lunches and dinners, thoughtful grocery lists, visiting local farmers markets and buying seasonal fruits and vegetables.

There are foods that we should always have at home, and one of them is artichokes.
The artichoke is a vegetable with fantastic properties:

  • Artichokes are rich in fiber
  • Artichokes help control blood cholesterol levels
  • Artichokes have antioxidants and protect against heart disease
  • Artichokes are recommended for people with diabetes because it contains inulin, a carbohydrate that regulates blood sugar levels without the need for insulin intervention
  • Artichokes are diuretic
  • Artichokes improve chronic skin conditions, helping dermatitis disappear with its consumption
  • Artichokes are low calorie
  • Artichokes are easily digested

Artichokes contain phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin B1, C and niacin

All these properties are what our beloved artichokes provide us, which also have many possibilities for cooking. Grilled, in tortillas, in cream, as garnish,… the possibilities are endless. 

It is true that they need some time to clean and prepare them. And maybe you lack the time or you are looking for faster options… Or maybe you think, yes, I love them, but they aren’t available all year!
Well if you don’t have time, or they’re not in season, Cynara to the rescue!

At Cynara we love artichokes and we make sure you can enjoy the best artichokes from each harvest all year round.

Always available and with a wide range of products that will give you a lot of versatility in the kitchen: traditionally canned, canned with recipes, fresh in a tray, such as Artichoke Chyps, etc. Whichever you choose, we know you will love them!  

Now that you know all its properties and that we facilitate its consumption throughout the year… will you become the number one fan of artichokes?

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